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           The Importance of the English Language

The significance of English around the world is undeniable. In the context of technical education, whether you are writing a project proposal or a project report, making a presentation, interacting with peers and professors or facing an interview for a job or an internship, good command over the English Language can help you progress in life, both academically and professionally. Moreover, the ability to use English efficiently in written and oral forms is essential to be 'employable and progress professionally'.

Message from the Course Co-ordinator

We started the English language courses at the HSS department from 2019, and since then we have been able to successfully conduct many English courses, thanks to our team of trainers, mainly Pranami and Sagarika. Our goal has been to impart excellent language skills to the students at IIT Guwahati in the most conducive learning environment with the aid of world-class facilities. To this end, our dedicated trainers have developed specialised courses, and overall, our English language Teaching programme can be certainly considered to be par excellence.


Student Testimonials

"They managed to create an environment where students who were weak in English communication could speak in broken English, thus helping in building their confidence and improving their English communication skills without fear of being judged".

- Sidharth Kumar

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